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Saturday 19th March - 8.45pm

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Based on A Proven NEURO-MARKETING Framework

No. 1 Strategy Most Marketers Follow Around The World

Get to know the No. 1 Strategy that's been followed by most marketers around the world and what you can learn from that for your own business.

Neuro-Marketing & Neuro-Sales Techniques to Find the Right Platforms that Brings More Clients for Your Business

Insider secrets of understanding and leading a prospective client through your sales process by understanding how their brain processes & makes buying decisions.

How to Get Predictable Sales Results

Learn the secret strategies that could predict the sales you are going to get in the future.

The Step By Step Process To Implement The Blueprint

At the end of the virtual live training you will get access to the blueprint & the process that you can implement and immediately go towards getting clients fast.

Medium: English/Sinhala

Yes, I'm The Guy On Stage Showing People How To Do This... Let Me Show You The Secrets That They Aren't Willing To Share, On This FREE Virtual Live Training!

Abdul Careem (B.Sc, M.Sc)

CEO / Neuro-marketing Strategist - Inotrend Int.

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2X Your Sales Blueprint by Abdul Careem

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Inner Game of Selling by Abdul Careem

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